Tech lab is a department of Tech Padi concerned with catering for up-coming aspirants in the field of tech. Whether you’re a beginner, you have basic knowledge regarding tech, or you are rusty and trying to get back to the field, we are at your service. This section of tech padi is run by professionals who are well versed in their field of expertise; this will enforce proper and productive teaching and learning.

We are also in partnership with a number of reputable bodies including child plus Africa; GDC; Ispace; Tech Port Harcourt; Alison etc.; this ensures that our students get the proper certifications to enable them go further in their respective pursuits. To show that we are a dedicated team passionate about our students’ growth, we go the extra mile of recommending our graduating students to new institutions in need of their skills.


In this course, students are educated on the basic workings of information technology, which is the use of computers to gather process, store, protect, and transfer data. This course will be further broken down into subtopics including computer technology, data processing, programming from scratch, and introduction to Microsoft office. 


BASIC is a family of general-purpose, high level programming languages whose design philosophy emphasizes ease of use. Basic programming and BASIC be focused on in this course, other features of this course are web front-end design, PHP, and content management system.


This course contains just two topics which are; database management (SQL and Oracle) and cyber security. This course is designed essentially to teach the student how to manage data in a system and protect it from cyber-attacks.


Here we look at the use of soft wares whose end results are translatable to everyday life as they are used to virtually illustrate the outlay and structures of to- be buildings. The lessons in this course are centered on 3D soft wares that are used for the pre-construction stage of buildings; AutoCAD 2D and 3D, ArchiCAD, Atlantis studio, Google sketch up.


When the student has ended the course on basic coding, he will be introduced and steadily coached throughout the duration of the advanced programming course so as to enable him work on his own projects. Contained in this course are front-end framework, back-end framework, java SE and android development.


This course is centered on familiarizing the student with digital illustrations, the features of this course are stated thusly; graphics design, UI/UX, 2D animation, video editing

GDG Oyigbo
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